Belfast Political Tour

Provides a fascinating insight in to the history of “The Troubles”.


A political tour is the highlight of many peoples visit to Belfast. This tour will provide people with an interesting and educational look at our well known past often referred to as “The Troubles”.

During the tour we will visit many historic sites and discuss events which have been significant in our history. We provide an impartial tour which will focus on two main areas mainly the predominately Protestant Shankill Road area and the predominately Catholic Falls Road area. Both these areas suffered during “The Troubles” and many of the struggles are depicted on the walls by the famous Belfast Murals. We will visit several murals and discuss their meanings including the famous Bobby Sands Mural, who died aged 27 whilst on Hunger Strike.

The International Wall is also visited on this tour and includes murals on political themes and famous figures. This wall is in the nationalist area of Belfast and you can see Divis Tower which in the past had a lookout tower manned by the British Army.

Also on the political tour we will visit one of our famous peace walls originally constructed to protect neighbourhoods from attacks and provide a sense of protection. This is a good opportunity to write on the wall where both US President Clinton and the Dalai Lama added their signatures and provides excellent photo opportunities.

The tour also passes the Crumlin Road Gaol which was opened in 1845, it closed as a working prison in 1996. It has since reopened as a visitor centre and tours of the gaol can be pre-booked directly with the gaol. You can arrange to end at this point to allow you to avail of this tour, but please request this when booking the Political Tour.

All our tours are designed to suit the individual and airport or hotel pick-ups can be arranged at an additional cost.